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Commitment to Quality

Christine Woodbury started Around the Block Quilters Shop in 2008 to upgrade her love of quilting and 45+ years of experience to a new challenge.   After raising five children, she decided to take the leap and embark on this wonderful, scary, new adventure!

                              quilters in metroeast
Metro-east quilters have some fun with their quilts.

Christine has a passion for quilting that began early in her life when her mother taught her the art of quilting.  “Someone asked me once which part of quilting I like the best… picking out the fabric and pattern, cutting it out, piecing it, or quilting it… I couldn’t say because I love them all!”

At Around the Block Quilters Shop, we think quilting is more than just a hobby,  it is a creative way to make the world  a softer place. We especially think quilting is a great way to grow friendships.  Christine delights in the warm sisterhood she feels with her quilting friends.

quilters in metro-east
You're not just a customer, you're a friend.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcomed  at Around The Block Quilters Shop

                         O'Fallon Quilt Shop location

Our long-arm machine and the Training
are located in our home studio located
at 1353 Engle Creek Drive

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Around The Block Quilters Shop is located in O’Fallon, Illinois- just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis and minutes away from Scott Air Force Base.